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Braeburn Farm is a little more than 500 acres of pastures, woodlands, creeks, ponds, hills and valleys.  It is loacted in Snow Camp, NC, and owned by Charles and Cindy Sydnor. The farm is home to cattle, horses, dogs, cats, birds, deer, fox, beavers, skunks, possums, insects, a few humans, and a growing list of other friends, big and small. 

Charles with grandkids, Daniel and Addie

Charles Sydnor was born in Richmond, VA, during the Second World War.  His earliest memories are of his aunt and uncle’s ranch in Southwestern Montana.  His mother took the family there during the war to be with her sister and as far away from danger as she knew how.  Charles’ family moved back to Richmond after the war, but a little part of his heart remained behind in MT. Every summer from the ages of 16-22 was spend back at the MT ranch, where Charles fell in love with cattle, a hard day’s work using your hands, and feeling connected to a certain piece of land in a deep and meaningful way.  

Many years later, Charles was working at Duke University as a physician, specializing in neuro-ophthalmology.  But his desire to be connected to a piece of land and to raise cattle was still strong, and the first part of Braeburn Farm was purchased in 1975.  From there, the farm grew gradually and his interest in cattle changed from having a traditional cow/calf operation, to becoming passionate about grass-fed beef.  Beginning in 2002, Charles transitioned to a 100% grass finished operation, raising primarily Red Devon cattle and looking for ways to use the cattle to improve the quality of the land.  

Today Charles is retired from practicing medicine and instead practices environmental stewardship in every way he can.  His passions now include finishing a wind and solar installation on the farm and finding ways to help future generations of farmers.  

Cindy with Emma. Photo by Sharon Packer

Cindy and Charles were married in 1979, which brought her from New England down to Braeburn Farm.  The farm was a dream come true for Cindy, who was a busy dressage trainer and instructor. She built a beautiful training facility over the years with barn, arena, paddocks, etc. while also raising two children.  The horse facility is now leased by Charles and Cindy’s daughter, Eliza Sydnor Romm.  You can read more about her business here.  

Reconnect with the land. Come for a visit!

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