Beef you can be proud to eat

Welcome to Braeburn Farm

Braeburn Farm is a little more than 500 acres of pastures, woodlands, creeks, ponds, hills and valleys.  It is located in Snow Camp, NC, and owned by Charles and Cindy Sydnor. The farm is home to cattle, horses, dogs, cats, birds, deer, fox, beavers, skunks, possums, insects, a few humans, and a growing list of other friends, big and small. 

Braeburn Farm is located in the heart of the Piedmont. Our goal is to create incredible beef by creating a healthy ecosystem – one which works for humans, cattle, insects, birds, as well as all the critters swimming in our streams and waterways.  We use the cows to help create that ecosystem through holistic, high-intensity grazing. We can’t wait to show you how cows can be part of the solution to our environmental problems.

Better for the Animals

Cows are meant to eat grass.
A cow is designed to constantly forage and move across the land. Standing in feedlots, eating corn and soy is no life for a cow.

Better for the Land

Sequestering carbon through high-intensity grazing
By moving the cows to new grass every day, we improve the land. You can learn more about our process here.

Better for You

Healthier and more flavorful
Higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, lower in calories, with more robust flavor than corn-fed beef. And grass finished beef is safer from harmful diseases as well.

Our main partner is Left Bank Butchery , owned and operated by Ross Flynn. Check out other places to find our beef and learn about bulk buying – the most economical way to get beef for your family or group, directly from our farm.

Come for a tour!

We would love to show you around our farm. Whether you teach a college class on ecology, are mom to some home-schooled kids, an avid birder, or just want to get away on the weekend to a beautiful place and reconnect with the land, we would love to see you.

Open Hours

We live here, so just give us a call or shoot an email!


1203 Longest Acres Rd
Snow Camp NC 27349


(336) 214-5279